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ACDC is a decent strain for evening use. It is actually what you need when your vitality, state of mind, and efficiency begins to back off.

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Battle the interminable agony with this astonishing ACDC CBD Strain!

Predominant Strain:

ACDC CBD Strain is a sativa-prevailing at 70% Sativa/30% Indica.

Brief History Of ACDC CBD Strain:

ACDC CBD Strain is one of the top strains that contain a high CBD level of about 19% to 20% and an exceptionally low THC level. ACDC’s parent strains are Cannatonic which was crossed with a Ruderalis. Cannatonic is known for its high CBD yield, while ruderalis is known for its low THC content. In view of its hereditary cosmetics, ACDC got known as a brilliant clinical cannabis strain. It can control a few manifestations without creating psychoactive impacts, making it the ideal strain for patients who can’t endure THC.

Recognizing Features Of ACDC CBD Strain:

The buds of ACDC strain are little, feathery in appearance, and thickly stuffed together. They are formed like a lance and dim overgrown green in shading blended with brilliant orange hairs. The leaves look slight and somewhat fluffy. They are brilliant green in shading with purple tones.

Cannabinoid and Terpene Profile:

ACDC CBD Strain is one of the strains with a low THC contenta and It’s CBD level are high. The terpene profile of ACDC incorporates pinene, myrcene, and caryophyllene. It additionally contains low degrees of linalool, limonene, terpinolene, and humulene.

Flavors/Aroma of ACDC CBD Strain:

ACDC is a buffet of flavors and fragrances. It gives a sweet, impactful, natural, and woody smell with traces of citrusy lemon and flavors. Its flavors are perplexing. You’ll get a sweet and woody taste with traces of pine, flavors, and herbs blended in with citrusy natural products like lemon.


A Sativa-prevailing strain, ACDC CBD Strain will stimulate you and elevate your mind-set. One lungful and you’ll feel all your downturn and stress liquefy away, leaving you more joyful, increasingly euphoric, and progressively loose. These inspiring impacts will likewise make you increasingly agreeable. You will likewise see that your concentration and fixation are improved, permitting you to be increasingly gainful. ACDC gives all of you these helpful advantages without delivering psychoactive impacts due to its low THC content.


ACDC is a decent strain for evening use. It is actually what you need when your vitality, state of mind, and efficiency begins to back off. ACDC gives your vitality level an additional kick while improving your state of mind and center simultaneously. With these impacts joined, you can expand your efficiency without yielding mental clearness or agonizing over psychoactive impacts.

A powerful clinical cannabis strain, ACDC CBD Strain is exceptionally viable for interminable ailments like bipolar issue, ceaseless pressure, sadness, alarm assaults, uneasiness issue, and post-horrible pressure issue. Because of its ground-breaking loosening up impacts, patients experiencing muscle fits, epilepsy, tremors, just as seizures can likewise profit by its high CBD content. Patients with various sclerosis will likewise profit by ACDC.

Concerning incessant sorts of torment, ACDC can do some amazing things for patients with rheumatoid joint inflammation, osteoarthritis, and nerve injury just as harm. It is additionally an extremely powerful strain for interminable irritation and can profit patients with Crohn’s Disease just as touchy entrail disorder.

ACDC additionally can control malignant growth indications, including symptoms instigated by chemotherapy like queasiness and spewing. Buy top grade ACDC CBD Strain online from our shop.

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14g, 28g, 4 Oz

4 reviews for ACDC CBD Strain

  1. Tamara Kinge

    I love this stuff!! Part of my triple green team.pain relievers this is my nightly strain to get rid of the days pain and get some rest. Thank you guys!

  2. Jane Maya

    Through much trial and error and to my surprise, high THC makes my kind of pain worse. The high CBD IN ACDC melts away the pain and the anxiety of chronic pain.

  3. Felix Norman

    I suffer from rapid onset Polymyalgia rheumatica , all my joints started to be painful. The poisonous pharmaceutical they prescribe for this condition has dozens of side effects, I do not take pharma-poisons. I purchased some 4 Ounces of ACDC from these guys. I took 5 hits and 10 minutes later my pains that was at a 7 was reduced to a 1. This is an amazing strain, tastes good also. I also use Herijuana strain to treat insomnia and it too helps reduce pain, but ACDC is a pain crusher.

  4. Kenny Rob

    At 8.8% CBD this medical high CBD strain makes muscle spasms decrease and pain float away while you relax. Was relaxed enough to enjoy a tv program and drifted off to sleep.

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