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Charlotte’s Web Strain

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Charlotte’s Web Strain has pain relieving properties and can do something amazing against cerebral pains, headaches, fibromyalgia, joint inflammation, and constant weariness.




Prevailing Strain:

Charlotte’s web strain is a sativa-predominant at 60% Sativa/40% Indica. Battle the incessant torment with this astonishing strain!. New Batch is accessible at this point!

Brief History Of Charlotte’s Web Strain:

Charlotte’s Web Strain is one of the top strains that contain the most elevated CBD level contrasted with THC. Its definite hereditary cosmetics is exclusive data, yet it is a hemp-inferred strain. Charlotte’s Web, a clinical cannabis strain, was made by the Stanley Brothers of Colorado for a young lady named Charlotte Figi.

Charlotte is a sweet, young lady who is experiencing immovable and treatment-safe epileptic seizures. Her strain, Charlotte’s Web, had the option to essentially diminish her seizures. Entirely soon, Charlotte’s story caught the consideration of millions – media, legislators, and patients and their families. It drove a great many families looking for alleviation to move to Colorado. Her astounding change additionally assumed a major job in making sure about clinical cannabis laws in a few US states.

This life-sparing strain won the open’s hearts. It additionally offered would like to a huge number of families whose friends and family are experiencing interminable crippling maladies.

Cannabinoid and Terpene Profile:

Charlotte’s Web has low THC levels. Its CBD level is exceptionally high

Flavors/Aroma Of Charlotte’s Web Strain:

Charlotte’s Web will give you a gritty and woody smell with traces of pine and lemon. It tastes woody, however you’ll get traces of citrusy lemon, pine, and sage. You’ll additionally get traces of skunky and verdant flavors upon exhalation because of its hemp qualities.


A Sativa-predominant strain with an exceptionally low THC level, Charlotte’s Web is basically known for its restorative advantages since it delivers almost no psychoactive impacts. Like Sativa-prevailing strains, Charlotte’s Web additionally delivers euphoric and elevating impacts. It can likewise improve center, fixation, and inventiveness. Charlotte’s Web is likewise known for its loosening up impacts.

You will feel progressively loose and smooth in the wake of utilizing it. This isn’t a strain to get high on since it has an exceptionally low THC content. Charlotte’s Web is more for calming side effects of ceaseless ailments.


Charlotte’s Web is ideal for morning use. Its elevating and loosening up impacts can without much of a stretch set your temperament for the afternoon. Simultaneously, its capacity to upgrade your concentration and inventiveness will assist you with focusing on your undertakings and lift your efficiency. These specific impacts of Charlotte’s Web make it the ideal strain for patients with sorrow, uneasiness issue, stress issues, and state of mind issues.

Charlotte’s Web’s loosening up impacts can likewise lessen muscle fits. Truth be told, this strain is a powerful inhibitor of epileptic seizures. It can diminish the recurrence and seriousness of even the most obstinate and treatment-safe seizures.

Charlotte’s Web likewise has pain relieving properties and can do something amazing against cerebral pains, headaches, fibromyalgia, joint inflammation, and constant weariness. It additionally has strong calming impacts. Long haul utilization of Charlotte’s Web can fundamentally decrease constant irritation which tends to decline various incessant ailments.

Charlotte’s Web is utilized in numerous clinical cannabis arrangements – oil, edibles, tinctures, showers, among others. It can support both grown-up and pediatric patients. Buy Charlotte’s Web Strain online from our shop.

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8 reviews for Charlotte’s Web Strain

  1. Nina Jamia

    Needed a pain reliever with my double scoliosis and it sure did worked. Didn’t hit pipe much to notice a quick effect, then again, my metabolism is high so medicine takes effect on me quicker than the normal. This is an awesome legit site, thank you so much!

  2. Dickson Roy

    Was involved in a car accident last year tried everything to relieve the pain concussion 4 protruding disc with 1 leaking torn bicep muscle and rotator cuff I tried this Charlotte’s Web and in about a hour pain started going away had uplifting feeling but not high. This is a great strain if you don’t want to get high but for pain it is FANTASTIC. Would recommend for pain suffers.

  3. Julia Childs

    I tried Charlotte’s Web for the first time. I was recommended this strain because I suffer from arthritis and asthma. After a couple hits off my vaporizer, my arthritis pain went away. It also seems to have opened my chest up a bit. I can’t thank you guys enough for being so helpful, a very satisfied client here!

  4. Felix Corny

    Wow, the one oz I purchased from Top Cbdispensary has a THC of 13.6% and CBD of 8.5%. Good stuff, very fresh. Very pleasant high.

  5. Rob bailey

    tried this for the first time today and it was magical. i suffer with severe social anxiety and depression, and i felt super relaxed and chilled out. gives u the crazy munchies (imo) but other than that, it’s an amazing strain

  6. Isaac Erling

    I suffer from CPTSD tired of all the drugs from the doctor that did nothing. I decided to try CW from this site. Game changer!

  7. George Kim

    This was a super chill weed strain. Made me feel beyond relaxed yet uplifting as well. I was able to stay super alert, but also relaxed.

  8. Merilyn Kenny

    I had a severe back injury which caused pain and depression. This is one of the best relief strains I’ve ordered…..what it lacks in taste is made up in effects. If you had a tough stressful day and need to unwind with some all around relief bud, then just order Charlottes Web from these guy! They’re great!

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