Critical Mass Weed Strain


Critical Mass Weed Strain

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CBD Critical Mass is a quite solid painkiller. It can diminish torment brought about by joint issues like joint pain and low back torment. It can likewise ease muscle agony and irritation.




Brief History Of Critical Mass Weed Strain

Critical mass weed strain is an indica-prevailing at 80% Indica/20% Sativa. Was created by Mr. Decent Seed Bank, CBD Critical Mass is suitably named. It is well known for delivering a “minimum amount” of additional huge, thick buds. A few producers even say that the branches frequently snap in two because of the buds’ overwhelming weight.

Critical Mass Weed Strain is a cross between two incredible parent strains. You have the vintage Afghani Indica strain crossed with the similarly well known Skunk #1. The posterity of these record-breaking top picks is Critical Mass, a strain that acquired all the best characteristics of its parent strains.

Critical Mass Weed Strain is known for its incredible loosening up impacts. It is exceptionally well known among new and experienced clients the same. It gives a smooth, fragrant and delightful smoke and, simultaneously, gives various remedial advantages.

Recognizing Features Of Critical Mass Weed Strain

CBD Critical Mass has additional enormous dull green buds sprinkled with tanish orange hairs. Every piece is covered with a layer of chilly white trichomes. The leaves are wide and dull green in shading.

Cannabinoid and Terpene Profile Of Critical Mass Weed Strain

CBD Critical Mass has a strong THC level and a high CBD level. Its terpene profile incorporates pinene, humulene, and myrcene. It additionally has linalool, caryophyllene, limonene, and terpinolene.

Flavors/Aroma Of CBD Critical Mass

CBD Critical Mass has one of the most reviving fragrances and flavors. It smells skunky, sharp, and natural with vigorous traces of citrus and sweet nectar. It tastes similarly as perfect with its skunky, sweet taste and hints of nectar and citrus.


An Indica-predominant strain, CBD Critical Mass’ belongings are generally physical. You will initially feel a strong loosening up impact that will spread from your center to your appendages. It will cause you to feel drowsy, calmed, and apathetic. Be that as it may, this impact won’t change your psychological clearness. Actually, you will feel your center, innovativeness, and fixation improving as your psyche begins to free itself of stresses and stress.

The loosening up impact proceeds with all through the high as your temperament begins improving. You will feel your temperament improve, leaving you more joyful and euphoric yet somewhat lethargic and sluggish. You will likewise feel all your body throbs and agony tenderly fall away, leaving you torment free, quiet, and alleviated.

Try not to’ be tricked by its smooth impacts however. The apathetic and languid inclination in many cases progress to a love seat lock regardless of whether you have just had a little portion. This, thusly, can transform into a profound sleep.


CBD Critical Mass is outstanding amongst other night strains. Following a monotonous day loaded up with pressure and uneasiness, a little portion of Critical Mass can inspire your soul while loosening up your drained psyche and body simultaneously. It will likewise clear your mind and permit you to concentrate on what should be done before the day closes. A couple of more tokes and you’re headed toward probably the best rest you’ll ever have.

These impacts can profit patients with hyperactivity issues like ADD/ADHD. It can likewise profit patients with state of mind issue like sorrow, constant pressure, and nervousness issue. Since it can advance rest, individuals with a sleeping disorder and other rest issues may likewise discover this strain useful.

CBD Critical Mass is a quite solid painkiller. It can diminish torment brought about by joint issues like joint pain and low back torment. It can likewise ease muscle agony and irritation. Minimum amount can likewise control interminable agony and exhaustion brought about by fibromyalgia. Minimum amount is likewise known to control sickness and incessant irritation. Buy Critical Mass Weed Strain online from our shop.


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3 reviews for Critical Mass Weed Strain

  1. Okyle

    not so potent but when it hits it hits good

  2. Helena

    Enjoying the sleepy stoned high

  3. Tyrese

    One of my best highs ever. Thank you very much guys!

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