Harlequin Strain


Harlequin Strain

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It has a strong unwinding and calming impact however that will leave you feeling inspired and smooth simultaneously.

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Prevailing Strain:

Harlequin strain is a sativa-predominant at 75% Sativa/25% Indica. Battle the constant agony with this astounding strain!

Brief History Of Harlequin Strain:

Known for its rich CBD content, Harlequin cannabis is the most well known strain utilized in numerous clinical CBD drugs. It yields the best CBD to THC proportion at 5:2, making it the most loved strain for clinical cannabis use. It gives the equivalent strong remedial impacts of different strains, yet it doesn’t create the incredible psychoactive impacts different strains are known for.

Harlequin’s hereditary cosmetics can be followed back to four particular landrace strains. It’s a blend of the Colombian Gold strain and Nepali Indica strain just as the Thai Sativa landrace and Swiss Sativa landrace. Without a doubt, Harlequin appropriately accommodates its name. Its hereditary cosmetics is an interwoven of various strains.

Cannabinoid and Terpene Profile Of Harlequin Strain:

Harlequin has a lower THC level and a high CBD level’s. Terpene profile incorporates myrcene (high), caryophyllene, linalool, limonene, and pinene.


Harlequin Strain has a sweet yet natural fragrance that gives you traces of mango and citrus. It tastes sweet and somewhat hot with traces of herbs and citrus.

Impacts Of Harlequin Strain:

A Sativa-prevailing strain, Harlequin is somewhat one of a kind. Because of its high CBD content checking the psychoactive impacts of THC, its euphoric impacts are not as intense contrasted with different strains. So don’t expect ground-breaking cerebral highs when you utilize this strain.

It has a strong unwinding and calming impact however that will leave you feeling inspired and smooth simultaneously. You will feel agreeably calmed and loose, yet you will never lose your psychological clearness. Truth be told, you will have the option to center and concentrate more when you use Harlequin. Your expressive energies will be invigorated and your brain empowered.


Some cannabis aficionados will reveal to you that the best time to utilize Harlequin is toward the beginning of the day or evening. The psychological lucidity it gives while loosening up the brain and body settles on this strain a decent decision for individuals determined to have discouragement, uneasiness issue, post-awful pressure issue, and bipolar issue.

Harlequin likewise has exceptionally powerful pain relieving and mitigating impacts. These impacts can assist patients with joint pain, interminable weariness, fibromyalgia, cerebral pains, tenacious headache, and incessant torment. It can even assuage apparition appendage torment and nerve torment brought about by numerous sclerosis.

Harlequin can likewise help decrease muscle fits, epileptic seizures, and engine issues related with Parkinson’s sicknesses. Its high CBD content settles on this strain the ideal decision for side effect control without delivering strong and incredible symptoms. Buy Harlequin Strain online from our shop.

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3 reviews for Harlequin Strain

  1. Quatched

    One of two strains I find helpful for focus. It also helps level out my mood so I’m not a rage machine. I wish it weren’t so hard to find out here!

  2. Ander sylves

    This is one of the better pain relieving CBD strains I’ve found,

  3. Sali

    This one got my husband soooo stoned. Beginners start slow.

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